Coverage Matters.



 For over 50 years, public health programs have been a bedrock for our nation's health care coverage. In Tennessee, half of both our seniors and our nursing home residents are covered by TennCare.

But that coverage, and more, is at risk. 


The stories below feature Tennesseans who have benefited from coverage. Now more than ever, it's important for Tennesseans to tell their stories.

Medicaid Gives my Baby a Home

August 2, 2017

Kinley relies on TennCare to stay healthy and at home with his mom. His mom fights for his care every single day. It is scary to think about where Kinley would be without his courageous mother and Medicaid.

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My Hero Doesn’t Wear a Cape

July 8, 2017

Despite a great number of serious medical problems, Tucker fights every day to be the best person he can. With the assistance of Medicaid, he is able to live independently and even work and take classes. If Medicaid cuts are made, he will likely be forced to live in a group home without any opportunities.

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Our Bones are Pre-Existing Conditions

July 3, 2017

Leah has watched her son recover for more than ten years after a terrible car accident. Even after multiple surgeries to keep his skull together, he will continue to need more treatment. If the newest health bill is passed, he may not have a chance to get that treatment.

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Writing America’s Future

June 30, 2017

Lane is a mother, small-business owner, and believer in the American Dream. Her future, and her children’s futures, will be throw off the rail if the federal marketplace is further disrupted by America’s uncertain insurance market.

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My Kids Deserve Coverage

June 30, 2017

Braxton and Carmah had Medicaid to cover them when their father was too sick to do so. There are more than 680,000 other children who benefit from Medicaid in Tennessee.

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Future Care for Our Future Selves

June 23, 2017

Phyllis suffered from lead poisoning when she was young, and now she relies on Medicaid to cover her care in a nursing home.

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Protect Children on Medicaid

June 21, 2017

Charlie Ford is autistic and relies on Medicaid to get the care he needs. Losing his coverage would be a huge obstacle to his happiness.

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Medicaid Gives Hope

June 20, 2017

Clay Vanhooser relies on Medicaid to get the behavioral therapy that he needs to stay safe. It is scary to imagine what will happen to him if cuts are made to the program that makes his treatment possible.

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Protecting the Future of Our Children

June 19, 2017

The Morefield family relies on the government protections afforded under the ACA to keep their daughters alive. Without Obamacare, they could lose everything.

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