Why Do We Love Mother’s Day?

Evelyn Manley photoMother’s Day is TJC’s favorite holiday by far. Why? These are 4 reasons we love this time of year:

1.  We get to end the stigma and isolation that most of all clients feel from poverty, disability or the stress of caring for a critically ill child. We show our clients that they are worth celebrating!

2.  We get to work with generous and talented photographers, and this year a videographer, to channel their talent for the good of our clients and our community. The photographers always thank us for the chance to meet and be moved by our clients.

3.  It’s a great morale booster for the staff. The whole TJC staff rejoices when each Mother of the Year learns she is a winner. There are often tears, both from TJC and the mom. It helps all of us remember how much we have to be grateful for and it provides strength for the hard work we do.

4.  We get to share the inspiration we feel every day with the public. The incredible details of our clients’ lives make us feel privileged and hopeful. On Mother’s Day, these details go to newspapers across the state. Over the years, we have found that community members are inspired to reach out to these extraordinary women once they learn that one of our celebrated moms is living among them. Connecting neighbors and channeling kind acts that ripple forward from the news coverage is heartwarming.

Thank you for letting us share our inspiration, and for supporting TJC. Please, consider a donation this Mother’s Day to help TJC continue our work with moms across the state.


Michele Johnson

Photo credit: Mark Mosrie

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