TJC Story Blog

Nov 2020

Tommye Messina

“Knowledge is power.” That was the lesson that has empowered Tommye throughout her life. It has been the motivator behind her as she advocated for her family and now herself, especially in regard to her healthcare. Tommye has a history of health issues and in June she was diagnosed with trigger thumb, carpal tunnel, and learned she needed a knee replacement. Living alone, Tommye knew she was going to need help, and more than ever, she needed coverage that would let her get support. In trying to get her CHOICES application processed, she consistently ran into barriers and was left feeling like no one was looking out for her or trying to help her. 

The care coordinator at UnitedHealthcare gave her contact information for TJC, where she came to get help accelerating her approval for CHOICES. TJC got the process sped up and her application in the right hands so Tommye now has full TennCare, Medicaid, and CHOICES coverage. 

Tommye worked from ages 15 to 50, gave her children every opportunity she did not have for herself as a child, and still finds herself in a constant fight with the healthcare system. Through CHOICES, Tommye was approved for home care, which she is in great need of to help her take care of herself and her living environment. She has yet to successfully find a caregiver who is able to be scheduled and come to her house, but is optimistic after meeting with the coordinator and hopes to have someone soon.