TJC Statement on the Events in D.C. January 6, 2020

On Wednesday, we collectively witnessed a terrifying assault on the free and fair transfer of power. Seven of nine of our House Representatives stood up publicly, claiming to represent Tennessee, and voted against certifying the election. Our two Senators, Bill Hagerty and Marsha Blackburn, used seditious language and played a part in the chaos that rocked our Capitol and left many in danger and fear.

The leaders who yesterday incited white nationalists and other extremists to invade the Capitol and attempt to overthrow our democracy are the very people who only a few months ago unleashed military force against fellow Americans peacefully demanding racial justice. These stark contrasts lay bare the ugly reality that racism–America’s original sin–is not only hostile to our nation’s sacred promise of justice for all, but is a threat to democracy itself. Yesterday’s events call us all to redouble our efforts to overcome racism and build the just and inclusive nation that we long for America to be.

Make no mistake: Our leaders betrayed us and our values. We know that democracy can and will prevail because we know the people of Tennessee. We wish for you the time and space to process the significance of the events of the week, and we stand with you in holding our leaders accountable for their words, behavior, and votes. We remain committed to working alongside you to dismantle systemic racism and advance equity. Democracy will win. Justice will win.

Let’s keep bending the arc together.

Your friends at the Tennessee Justice Center