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Picture1Mary and Joe’s foster son, Timmy, is severely autistic and intellectually disabled. Timmy is almost completely nonverbal and can use very limited sign language. But, he loves music, watching Barney, and playing on the swing in his yard.

Timmy’s doctor prescribed speech therapy to help him communicate better. But, many speech therapists would not treat Timmy. They thought he was too hard to handle. Then, Timmy’s parents found Susan Hock. She was a speech therapist at the Parent-Child Services Group in Knoxville, TN. Ms. Hock stuck with Timmy. He started showing signs of improvement. He would sit still, pay attention, and learned how to use some sign language. However, TennCare said that Timmy would have to switch to a new therapist in his provider network. So, Mary and Joe called TJC.

TJC worked with the family to keep getting Timmy the care he needed. TJC filed an appeal and sent TennCare letters of support from Timmy’s doctors. Soon, TennCare decided that Timmy could keep getting therapy from Ms. Hock. Mary said afterwards, “I was very pleased with the results of the appeal… I also appreciate the concern and care that [TJC] showed us.”