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Technical assistance is an important way we leverage our legal knowledge to support partners like Navigators, social workers, educators, and medical providers. Our partners use TJC’s legal expertise to make a huge impact: the network TJC supports enrolled over 44,600 Tennesseans in affordable health coverage in 2017. Below are some examples of what we can help with, but feel free to reach out even if your problem isn’t listed below.

  • CHOICES – Safety Determinations, PAEs and PAE Appeals, CHOICES Financial Application, CHOICES Service Issues
  • Immigration Status for Coverage
  • TennCare – TennCare Eligibility, TennCare Appeals, Delays in Coverage, Redetermination, Service Problems
  • CoverKids Eligibility
  • Medicare Savings Programs
  • SNAP – Time Limits for Unemployed Worker, SNAP for Older Adults, SNAP Eligibility
  • School Breakfast Program

If you’re looking for specific information, check out these pages: TennCare resources for health care professionals or TennCare resources for individuals


If your organization is looking for ongoing support from the Tennessee Justice Center, consider a service contract.  These contracts cover a wide range of services including technical assistance, group training, and difficult case management.  Service contracts can be tailored to fit any budget.

For medical providers, TJC’s expert assistance helping your patients troubleshoot insurance problems helps patients stay healthy and increases financial sustainability. One clinic partner reports a 463% increase in reimbursement per visit for every patient who is successfully enrolled in coverage. For more information, please contact us at trainings@tnjustice.org.