Let’s talk about TennCare

Memphis needs to care about access to health care for low-income children in our city. According to the 2019 Memphis Poverty Fact Sheet, over 44.9% of Memphis children live in poverty.

It is well established that poverty-related stressors – such as food insecurity, low-quality housing and a lack of basic necessities – affect a child’s health and well-being. If we, as a city, can’t remedy the problem of poverty, we must at least ensure that children in poverty have the same ability to receive health care as their higher-income counterparts.

So, as Memphians, we should care about the future of TennCare. Over 250,000 residents of Shelby County are TennCare enrollees. This number represents roughly 26% of Shelby County’s total population, the largest number of TennCare enrollees of any single county in the state, and approximately 17.6% of the 1.4 million TennCare enrollees statewide. Over 70,000 of Shelby County’s TennCare enrollees are children.

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