TennCare Redetermination

According to TennCare, they are ready to resume the redetermination process. This means:

    1. TennCare is going to resume processing of the redetermination packets they sent out in December and January. They will be sending termination notices to people that did not respond to those packets. Individuals will have 90 days from the date of termination to respond or submit verifications. If these verifications prove that someone should be eligible for TennCare coverage, he or she should not experience a lapse in coverage.
    1. TennCare has announced that an additional group of 90,000 people will receive redetermination packets between June and August 2016. (Please note that individuals enrolled in Long-Term Services & Supports, or LTSS, will not be included as part of the 90,000 people. TennCare said that LTSS redeterminations will begin in August 2016. We will provide more information about the LTSS redetermination process when we have it.)

Below are some resources to help you understand and to guide you through the redetermination process.

TennCare’s Redetermination Documents:

TJC Webinars and Helpful Documents:

  • LAS Outreach Flyer

    This is a notice that Legal Aid Society has used to notify their clients to verify their address with TennCare. We think this is great advice and want to let all TennCare members know the importance of making sure TennCare has their current contact information. If TennCare doesn’t have current contact information, notices will go to the wrong address, and people may lose their coverage. Please pass the word!

  • aviso del Legal Aid Society

    Este es un aviso del Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee que explica la importancia de verificar su información de contacto con TennCare. Si usted no les proporcione su nueva dirección, número telefónico y dirección de correo electrónico de inmediato, usted no recibirá el paquete de renovación. Si usted no contesta las preguntas del paquete, podría perder su TennCare. Hagan correr la voz, por favor.

Archived Resources: