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Sam Strizalkouski

Operations & HR Manager

As the Operations and Human Resources Manager at TJC, Samantha Strizalkouski seamlessly integrates her fervor for social justice with her expertise in operations and human resources. As a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Samantha is dedicated to enhancing organizational efficiency while championing equitable workplace practices.

With a background in beauty and nonprofit sectors, Sam excels in office operations, finances, and staff support. Formerly a General Manager at Ulta Beauty, she brings over a decade of managerial experience.

In her role, Samantha oversees office operations, lending her adeptness to financial matters and coordinating office operations of TJC's forever home. Additionally, she provides invaluable support to staff members through a spectrum of administrative functions, fostering a cohesive and dynamic work environment.

Connect with Samantha at to learn more about her contributions to TJC's mission.

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