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Courage. Candor. Compassion.

Every day we bear witness to the heartwarming and heartbreaking personal experiences our clients face.

We must lift up our neighbors who have no access to health insurance, have delayed care, or have crushing medical debt, as well as those who are thriving because of public programs like TennCare and CoverKids.

These are real-life examples of policy failures and the missed opportunities of our leaders, as well as the triumph of getting hard-fought access to life-saving care.

Our voices in harmony create a powerful force that can move hearts and minds. We believe at the core that Tennesseans must be heard and considered in decisions that greatly impact their lives. Their voices ring out clear, singing a song of empowerment, opportunity, and justice.


Your Turn!

When a mother in Nashville had to quit her job in order to care for her daughter during the pandemic, her family lost their health insurance. Her family’s health insurance was covered by her job. The mother immigrated from Ethiopia and was unsure how to navigate Tennessee’s healthcare system. The family called the Tennessee Justice Center for help. TJC helped the family apply and get their daughter enrolled in CoverKids and get the parents the resources they needed to get coverage.

TJC Client

“We are so thankful for you and your organization. Now my daughter can go to her doctor and dentist appointments. I am so thankful!” -TJC Client

TJC Client

A Nashville man had a stroke and became completely paralyzed. He was denied TennCare because he was not a US citizen, and nursing homes in Tennessee would not let him stay without a backup to his employer insurance. So, he moved to Georgia to receive care. TJC helped the client prove that he is a Legal Permanent Resident, and applied for the TennCare CHOICES program. TJC also helped the client find a nursing home in the Nashville area, so he can stay close to family. He has now been approved for CHOICES, meaning he can continue receiving care in a nursing home in Tennessee.

TJC Client

“Thank you so much for the services and help you provided to me and my family.” -TJC Client

TJC Client