• Debra Haithcock

    #StopTheBlock Stories Debra Haithcock Ms. Debra Haithcock reached out to the Tennessee Justice Center to express her concern over the proposed TennCare III block grant waiver in Tennessee. She has

  • Tina Claxton

    #StopTheBlock Stories Tina Claxton Wartrace, TN Tina Claxton has a 25-year-old daughter, Abigail, who has a rare condition known as Hurler Syndrome. Abigail requires a specific medication to keep her heart

  • Rachael Ledbetter

    #StopTheBlock Stories “My name is Rachael Ledbetter, and I am a third-year law student at the University of Memphis School of Law. As a student attorney in the

  • Mary Ann Crowe

    #StopTheBlock Stories “I have two adult children with disabilities, both need on-going medical care which they currently receive through Tenn Care. Without Tenn Care the emergency room would

  • Jane E. Roach, MD

    #StopTheBlock Stories “I am opposed to the proposal to radically change Tennessee’s Medicaid partnership with the federal government by converting federal funding for TennCare into a “block grant.” This proposal would

3 Takeaways from the Medicaid block grant proposal

  1. The state’s Tenncare block grant proposal puts coverage and services at risk for vulnerable Tennesseans.
  2. TennCare is the last state agency that deserves be given a blank check.
  3. The block grant does nothing to address the real health concerns of Tennesseans, and in fact, it could make things worse.

For more information about the Medicaid block grant proposal and how you can get involved in the fight to #StopTheBlock, visit our block grant page.

We’re shining a spotlight on righteous Tennesseans who spoke out and stood up against the Medicaid block grant proposal. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! We have been overwhelmed by your support–packing out TennCare hearings in 5 cities, submitting comments, and sharing your stories.