We’re sick of…

After years of progress in addressing the health needs of ordinary families, Tennessee, like the country as a whole, is losing ground. It should be a sustained goal of our leaders to get Tennessee out of the bottom of national rankings. At the Tennessee Justice Center, we spend our time focused on the lived experiences of Tennesseans of all backgrounds. Our leaders should spend time getting a broader perspective of what matters around the kitchen table.

We’re sick of rural hospital closures.

We’re sick of children losing health coverage because of red tape.

We’re sick of mothers dying before their babies first birthday.

We’re sick of rising uninsured rates in states that refuse to expand Medicaid.

We’re sick of politicians trying to take away pre-existing condition protections.

We’re sick of being at the bottom and losing any progress that we have made.

Tell us what you’re sick of in the form below because the things that you are sick of are super important to the future of our state and nation. Help us move the needle of progress toward a better Tennessee by taking action now.

We know that together we can change anything.