Tell Governor Bill Lee to Protect Tennesseans with Pre-existing Conditions

The fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) hangs in the balance. After a federal appeals court removed the individual mandate, the Supreme Court will decide whether the entire ACA should be struck down, bringing us one step closer to people with pre-existing conditions losing their health coverage and weakening their families’ financial security. The lawsuit by Tennessee and other states to get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions threatens to create chaos and fear. 1 in 3 adult Tennesseans has a pre-existing condition.

The results of this lawsuit, if our leaders had their way, would be catastrophic. Healthcare in America could be thrown into complete chaos. Millions would lose coverage (including children), protections for pre-existing conditions will be eliminated, premiums would increase, older adults and women could pay more, and fewer prescription drugs could be covered, among many other consequences. The case continues to move forward despite the global pandemic and economic crisis.

Please call or tweet at Governor Lee and tell him to pull out of this case, so that Tennessee families don’t have to worry if a loved one will lose coverage.


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