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June 15, 2020 –


Michele Johnson

Executive Director

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On Friday, the Trump Administration rolled back rules that had protected access to health care for LGBTQ+ patients and for immigrants. The Administration ignored the American Medical Association and leaders in the health care industry who had urged officials to leave the rules in place, which prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual orientation or transgender status. The rules also required that patients with limited English be given basic guidance about how to get information about their medical care translated into a language they understand.

The repeal of the anti-discrimination rule came just days before the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today that holds that federal laws protecting employees from job discrimination on the basis of sex includes sexual orientation.

Michele Johnson, executive director of the Tennessee Justice Center, condemned last week’s repeal of the health care rules and welcomed today’s Supreme Court decision:

The anti-discrimination rules were there for the protection of all of us. Their repeal could not have come at a worse time– during Pride month, a global pandemic, and a reckoning of racial injustice. We should all want our neighbors, regardless of their sex or language ability, to be able to get the medical care they need. That’s because health care is a human right. This administration’s decision is especially harmful right now because the pandemic is a brutal reminder that the health of one person can impact the health of all those around them. Fortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling makes clear that repeal of the rule was unlawful, and we hope the prohibitions against discrimination will be quickly reinstated – for all of our sakes.