Floyd and Wanda Baker

Shelby County

As children do, our daughter Linda sought out independence as she grew up. She moved out, got married and had three children with her husband. Devastatingly, her husband passed away due to heart complications, leaving her new family in a difficult place. Linda had no insurance, and as many stressors began to take over her life, she fell out of touch with everyone. Homeless and without a job, Linda was insistent on remaining independent, leaving us unable to support her during these difficult times.

Things turned worse for Linda, as her poor living conditions led to more serious health care problems, including multiple strokes and heart issues. Without health coverage, Linda had nowhere to turn, and her condition worsened to a point she could barely recognize us.

Finally in the fall of 2014, we were able to come back into Linda’s life again. We pursued different nursing homes that could give Linda the level of attention she needed. These options were only temporary, however, when our daughter needed support long-term. All throughout Memphis we tried working with nursing homes and negotiating conditions for Linda, but were unsuccessful.

Feeling deflated, a google search led us to Tennessee Justice Center, where we found a potential resolution. TJC found no reason Linda should not qualify for the CHOICES program, and helped us get her approved.

Things have not necessarily been smooth sailing since getting Linda moved into her nursing home. She has experienced serious physical and mental decline, and spent time in the ICU due to a still unknown diagnosis. We also feel that though the great people working at her facility are overworked, and in need of more resourced to support what they do.

That being said, because of CHOICES, TennCare’s program for adults with disabilities, we have been given an opportunity we didn’t think possible. We are able to work through these complications as they arise and ensure Linda receives the care we as parents want for our daughter. Now we feel Linda is satisfied with her current nursing home and is receiving the appropriate attention and assistance to continue living her life.

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