Beth and Asher Warren

Perry County

My name is Beth Warren. I am 34 years old and I live in Lobelville, TN. It is a small, rural town in Perry County, Tennessee. I have three wonderful children. Landon and Isabella are 9 and 7. My youngest, Asher, is 5. When Asher was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Asher is capable of basic skills, but he is very limited in his ability to communicate.

He attends school but he does not receive all of the services he needs there. He requires multiple kinds of therapy to be successful. We have had a private health insurance policy through Farm Bureau, but it does not cover the occupational and ABA therapy that Asher needs. We have paid for all of this therapy out-of-pocket.

We have tried to apply for TennCare and Social Security, but have been denied. Even though we make a huge sacrifice in paying for incredibly expensive therapy. It is what our son needs, and I will do anything to give him the best chance at success I can.

Regardless of income, if your child has a disability, that child should have access to coverage. We should be working towards building a country in which everyone has access to basic coverage, but our children should be the first priority.