We have created this Medicaid Expansion Petition to remind our representatives that inaction to expand health care coverage costs Tennessee every day in dollars, jobs and health care. It’s time to demand better of our elected representatives.

If the TN legislature brought home our federal tax dollars, that would allow our state to provide health insurance to 280,000 Tennesseans, affording them financial security and access to necessary health care. They are low-wage workers who are unable to get coverage through their jobs. Click here to learn more about who these 280,000 Tennesseans are and why they fall into the “coverage gap.”

If the TN legislature brought home our federal tax dollars, that money would generate 15,000 jobs. That funding could sustain Tennessee’s hard-pressed rural hospitals and the other health services that rely on the local hospital. Tennessee has lost more hospitals for its size than any other state. Though many urban hospitals are profitable, safety net facilities are in trouble.


We have lots of opportunities to get involved here at TJC! Visit our Action Center to see what you can do to encourage our state to solve our health needs and improve our safety net. Looking for other ways to contribute to our mission? You can also donate to TJC so that we can continue to do this work to improve our community for each and every person who’s a part of it.

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