The Tennessee Justice Center stands in opposition to the proposed Medicaid work requirements legislation. The legislation, as it stands, will add $15 million dollars to the fiscal note to implement burdensome administrative processes that will result in fewer Tennesseans receiving healthcare. Furthermore, these policies will have adverse effects on Tennessee’s families with disabled relatives, relative full-time caretakers, domestic abuse survivors, and the working poor. If your organization is interested in signing the press release below, please email


Dear Speaker Harwell and Gov. McNally,

We write on behalf of those we serve to respectfully oppose legislative proposals that would deny TennCare (Medicaid) coverage to people who are unemployed. Such a policy will be costly to taxpayers, require a greatly expanded bureaucracy to administer, and result in unprecedented government intrusion into the lives of hard-working Tennesseans.

Pending proposals are based on misconceptions about TennCare and the Tennesseans it serves. Proponents claim such legislation will create incentives for TennCare beneficiaries to work. They are apparently unaware that most beneficiaries are children or adults with severe disabilities, and that those who are capable of doing so already work. The legislation, therefore, serves no purpose.

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