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real tennesseans. real stories.

Courage. Candor. Compassion.

Every day we bear witness to the heartwarming and heartbreaking personal experiences our clients face.

We must lift up our neighbors who have no access to health insurance, have delayed care, or have crushing medical debt, as well as those who are thriving because of public programs like TennCare and CoverKids.

These are real-life examples of policy failures and the missed opportunities of our leaders, as well as the triumph of getting hard-fought access to life-saving care.

Our voices in harmony create a powerful force that can move hearts and minds. We believe at the core that Tennesseans must be heard and considered in decisions that greatly impact their lives. Their voices ring out clear, singing a song of empowerment, opportunity, and justice.


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black health matters
medicaid expansion
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A.M.C. et al. v. Smith

general stories

Allyanna Pollard

TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Allyanna Pollard Allyanna is pregnant with her first child and lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. She is due to have her baby in May 2021. She was living in Virginia when


TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Laksmi Last year in 2020 my beautiful daughter tried to overdose. She was taken into the ER and stayed several hours monitoring her and speaking with a social worker who told

Travis Johnson

TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Travis Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Johnson live in Mt. Juliet with their 12-year-old and 14-year-old children. The Johnson family has been self-insured and has used a Christian health sharing company. On

black health matters

Amber Sherman

TJC Story Blog Apr 2021 Amber Sherman Ms. Sherman, a 26 year old Black woman, shared with TJC that she has felt discriminated against because of her race or ethnicity while accessing healthcare.


Brittany Smith-Hill

TJC Story Blog Feb 2021 Brittany Smith-Hill “My ex husband was injured while at work. His employer did not offer insurance nor did they have workers comp. As a newly diagnosed quadriplegic who


TJC Story Blog Nov 2020 Tracy Imagine having to make one of the most difficult decisions in your life – having to check someone you love, a member of your family, into a

Tommye Messina

TJC Story Blog Nov 2020 Tommye Messina “Knowledge is power.” That was the lesson that has empowered Tommye throughout her life. It has been the motivator behind her as she advocated for her family

Leslie Donoho

TJC Story Blog Nov 2020 Leslie Donoho Leslie became connected to the Tennessee Justice Center through trying to find help getting insurance for her mother, Paula Deering. Paula is a loud, outspoken, and incredibly


medicaid expansion