May, 2020 // 20 Years Celebrating Moms

Over the years many extraordinary lawyers, paralegals, and social workers have spent a season at TJC. When we walk past the Mother’s Day Wall, we remember the stories of the clients smiling at us there but also harken back to the team members who arrived longing to change the world and did just that by standing beside each client.

TJC alums have changed lives, saved lives, improved policies, and made each client feel cherished. They have gone on to do incredible work after their season at TJC. They teach law school, run Medicaid programs, are in private practice, work for civil rights in the federal government, and run other nonprofits. Some work to expand and protect Medicaid in other states, like the extraordinary Lisa D’Souza.

Lisa, a Harvard Law graduate, could have worked anywhere, but she chose to spend five years at TJC, bettering the lives of thousands of Tennesseans with her kindness, brilliance, and grit. She now fights to improve the health of low-income families in St. Louis where she and her spouse, also a public interest attorney, are raising their three extraordinary children.

Lisa’s care and service are fondly remembered by our clients. Her lasting impact strengthens our work.

TJC alums donate because they know firsthand the power of this work on both the clients and the staff.


Visit our Mother’s of the Year virtual wall and history here.