May, 2020 // 20 Years Celebrating Moms

“It’s only when the tide goes out that you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

Warren Buffett was talking about investments, but it’s true of a lot else. In recent months, tornadoes, floods, and coronavirus have tested Tennesseans. Like a receding tide, our trials have exposed those who are more show than substance, while identifying the true leaders among us. The true leaders are those who understand the lesson of the pandemic: we need to support each other, for our neighbor’s well-being affects our own. The true leaders are those who devote themselves to others, guided by a vision of community that is inclusive, compassionate, and just.

For nearly 25 years, TJC has been all about community. The leaders who came together to start TJC envisioned an organization that would stand with vulnerable families. They saw the need to advocate for public policies that would make Tennessee more fair and humane for all. They founded TJC to help build a community in which all children have the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential, and where every Tennessean is valued. We have pursued that vision by working to ensure that all families have the financial security, health care and nutrition they need to thrive, and to demand public policies that respect the dignity and equality of every Tennessean.

Through good times and bad, TJC has proven to be a nimble, resilient, and extraordinarily effective advocate for social justice. That’s all thanks to an extraordinary community of inspiring clients, righteous partners, generous donors, creative staff and selfless volunteers. Our annual Mother’s Day tradition is to celebrate a few of our heroes and the values we all hold dear. This is our 20th year celebrating caregivers.

In our 20th year of celebrating the clients who have inspired us most, our team is telling you why we celebrate. Since 2000, we have recognized 111 caregivers from all over the state. Historically, their professional portraits are sent to them on Mother’s Day and then added to our Mother’s Day Wall. This way, their contribution to our work is always cherished and serves as a reminder of the power of strength, courage, and love that enables TJC to keep saving lives and improving our state against all odds. This year we will add 15 more portraits to our wall, but not until we are on the other side of this pandemic. The pictures will be delayed, but the celebration can’t be.


Visit our Mother’s of the Year virtual wall and history here.