May, 2020 // 20 Years Celebrating Moms

Over the last three blogs we have given you a glimpse of some of the folks who make our outsized impact possible: current and former clients, as well as current and former staff. Today we focus on partners who have been with us in life-giving ways since before we opened our doors.  These are donors and volunteers who have collaborated with us for decades to change our state and improve the lives of clients.

They have pushed us to innovate, they have ministered to us in dark moments and provided expertise in all the areas that make us better. They have sent money and cards, and they have sent us food when we have had to work long hours to protect our clients. This army of guardian angels on our wall remind us on days where the losses feel heartbreaking and the systems we spent decades creating are at risk that the work for a more just and humane Tennessee is not ours alone. As the African Proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

To give you a sense of just how extraordinarily blessed TJC is by our partners, listen below to Professor Craig Anne Heflinger. Her research and hundreds of hours of volunteering for us as an expert witness in court transformed mental health care for children in our state.  Each year, Professor Heflinger and her spouse, Scott, send us a check for $365 with a note reminding us that they are with us every day that TJC advocates for Tennessee families.


Visit our Mother’s of the Year virtual wall and history here.