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Every Mother’s Day we honor the strength and determination of these advocates with the Tennessee Justice Center Mothers of the Year. Working with families in times of crisis, TJC has witnessed the extraordinary love and courage of mothers, year after year. We have stood with parents who persistently advocate for not only their own children but all children in need of health care.

Our staff recruits volunteer photographers and then provides our honorees with framed “Mother of the Year” certificates and framed family photos. Their moving stories of love and devotion inspire us all year long. To read about why we honor courageous moms, foster moms, grandmothers [and dads, too!] around Mother’s Day each year, please read this story by our Executive Director, Michele Johnson.

Watch the stories of some of our Mothers of the Year below. We are honored to stand alongside these moms.


We gain our strength from our amazing mothers of the year who don’t give up. We won’t give up either, and we need your help so that we can continue to fight alongside these moms.

Looking for a gift for a mom in your life? For a donation of $50 or more, we will send a Mother’s Day card to a mom of your choice!

Help us meet our goals for the number of donations and monthly donors, so that we can keep standing with moms when they need it most. Scroll down to make a life-changing gift today.


Danielle Alaimo

Shelia Hobbs

Rosie Roan

Patricia Shellsn

Kerry Reed

Julie Whitacre

Jill Barlow

Dana Beech

Sherry Garland

Brenda Willette

Meredith House

Jeana Whitehead

Kristin Holley

Michelle Hayes

Toni Corbin