May 10 from 5:30-7 at the Ron Terry Building at  5235 E Shelby Dr, Memphis, TN 38118.

We are so grateful for the many ways you enable us to make our state’s policies more compassionate and stronger.  We are proud of the Memphis families we were able to serve one-on-one over the 22-year history of our organization thanks to your investment and leadership. We are also proud of those we have trained in Memphis who use our trainings, tool kit and technical assistance to enroll Memphians in health coverage.

So here is what we would love from you:  Can we list you as a host?  That means you would:

  • lend your name
  • invite 5 people and
  • spend one hour in the next 60 days spreading the word about two events to your circles? We know you are all super busy and you are involved in so many other charitable activities, but out work is game-changing and we can’t do it without you.

If you know a business who would want to sponsor either reception just to help us cover costs that would be amazing and given our social media presence, it will be a win-win. We had 220,000 people engage with our social media content last year.