Medicaid critical for Tennesseans who have Intellectual-Developmental Disabilities

The proposed block grant, if passed, will endanger the lives of Tennesseans who have disabilities.

The state proposes to convert TennCare into a block grant. As advocates for Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families, The Arc Tennessee opposes the block grant, because it will endanger the lives of vulnerable Tennesseans.

Governor Bill Lee has suggested that advocates “do not understand block grants” and that we are misinformed about the proposal.  On the contrary, it is precisely because we understand block grants and the specifics of this proposal that we are opposed.

State officials suggest that they know better than the federal government what is best for Tennesseans.  They suggest that TennCare meets the needs of vulnerable Tennesseans so well it shouldn’t have to follow important federal rules that protect patients and taxpayers. TennCare claims the block grant should garner the state a billion dollars in “savings” that is now going to the federal government.

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