Call Gov. Lee and your TN State Senator about Medicaid expansion

Tennessee’s senators and Governor Lee have the responsibility to address the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic with real, lasting support. Right now, there are $1.4 billion of yearly federal tax dollars in Washington waiting for us to use in our state and an additional $900 million incentive to expand thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act. If the TN legislature brought home these federal tax dollars by expanding Medicaid, it would allow our state to provide health insurance to 300,000 currently uninsured Tennesseans who fall in the gap, affording them financial security and access to necessary health care, including emergency COVID-19 testing and treatment.

It’s easy to fall in the gap. In this crisis, many people are losing work, and that will mean more Tennesseans (and Tennessee kids) will be uninsured and looking for support. Each day that Gov. Lee delays expansion leads to more health inequity disproportionately affecting communities of color and rural communities who are already unjustly underserved. This has to stop.

Medicaid expansion will provide quality insurance, generate 15,000 new jobs, and keep our rural hospitals open. In this state of emergency, our leaders can expand Medicaid more easily than any other time.

Instructions on how use this tool:

Follow the instructions on the call tool, and you’ll receive a call from the tool operator connecting your to your legislators’ office. After you call Gov. Lee’s office, you’ll be connected to your state senator’s office after you press the star key (*). You will likely not talk to the Governor or state Senator, but you will probably be connected with his staff. There’s no hassle with our easy-to-use script!


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