At the age of 7, Marvin was the victim of an accidental shooting that left him a quadriplegic. Medical professionals encouraged his mother to place him in an institution. She refused. As Marvin grew, she could no longer lift him and give him the basic care he needed. His health was in danger. Marvin’s doctors prescribed home health services. TennCare and its MCOs denied these home health services for Marvin even though Marvin’s doctors said they were medically necessary for him.

Marvin, now a young adult, found his way to the Tennessee Justice Center. Marvin became a named plaintiff in the Newberry suit brought on behalf of all individuals enrolled in TennCare who have a medical need for home health services.

TJC helped Marvin file an administrative appeal and represented him in the appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. A doctor testifying on Marvin’s behalf said that someone with Marvin’s injuries had an estimated life span of 2 years after the injury date. The doctor said the fact that Marvin was alive was a testament to his character and strength of will. Marvin won the appeal, and TennCare was ordered to provide him the home health care that had been ordered for him.

In May 2005, Marvin graduated from Austin Peay State University with a degree in finance. He is now employed full-time for a contractor with a federal government agency. Marvin says, “There have been times that I don’t know what I would have done without TJC’s help. I am definitely in a better situation now than I was before I became a TJC client. I know I wouldn’t be receiving TennCare home health services today if I hadn’t met the people at TJC. Now, I look forward to the future with hope. And that would not have been possible without TJC.”

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