TJC Story Blog

Nov 2020

Leslie Donoho

Leslie became connected to the Tennessee Justice Center through trying to find help getting insurance for her mother, Paula Deering. Paula is a loud, outspoken, and incredibly hardworking woman. During a two-week period in June Paula had six strokes and at the same time was diagnosed with dementia. 

Leslie filled out the CHOICES application for her mother and didn’t hear anything. She called and had a terrible interaction with one of the TennCare employees. Leslie eventually called the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) who referred her to the Tennessee Justice Center. Vanessa at TJC worked with her to make sure she had the medical records to get her mom enrolled in CHOICES, which took time but was an overall smooth process. When Leslie and Paula would ask for something, Vanessa made sure they were prepared with the information they needed. 

Paula’s dementia has come on quickly, and as hard as it is for Leslie to watch her mom go through this, she is comforted by the help she’s received and relieved her mom is in the right place with the right help now. Leslie says lawmakers need to look at the people who elected them and start serving the people. She repeatedly called and asked for help from them, but not until she was put in contact with Vanessa did she feel like there was anyone there to help her. Vanessa and TJC made her life easier and threated her as though her and her mom’s care was a priority.