TJC Story Blog

Mar 2021


Last year in 2020 my beautiful daughter tried to overdose. She was taken into the ER and stayed several hours monitoring her and speaking with a social worker who told us this is unfortunately a common problem with teenagers, especially these days. I did not have heath insurance for my daughter when she was admitted. I was instructed to file for TennCare within 24 hours, which I did. My mistake was she was admitted on 2/12/20 and we were discharged on 2/13/20. When I filled out the form I put 2/13/20. This was a huge mistake. Little did I know that the doctors’ fees would take a year to resolve! TennCare initially said that it was covered. A month later I received another bill. I called again and the doctor’s office said it wasn’t paid. I called TN Care again and had a three way where they explained that it had been paid. Then two months later I received a bill that had gone to collections. I spent over 30 hours, over a year’s time, on the phone begging them to back date the insurance. TennCare denied the back date saying I should have notified them in 30 days. I had no idea as I was told it had been paid! After filing a request with Davidson County Court House and being denied again, I finally reached out to the Tennessee Justice Center. They were extremely helpful but in the end could not do anything for me. I had to pay the bill and was lucky to settle for less than owed. TennCare did cover the hospital bill, just not the very expensive doctor bill. I want anyone who is in my situation to make sure to put the date that your child was admitted even if you are discharged the next day. This was a horrible situation to have to dredge up over and over for a year. It was painful and exhausting.