Join Us In Making Tennessee Healthy Again

The past year defending America’s health care safety net from congressional assault has been alternately terrifying and inspiring, but never dull! My job is to coordinate and support democratic engagement by TJC’s thousands of partners and friends. In a tractorcade down Nashville’s Broadway, a town hall in Jonesborough, a community forum in Jackson and at a hundred other events across the state, TJC amplified the voices of vulnerable families, and of their compassionate neighbors. From sharing nerdy fiscal analyses to connecting reporters to families with compelling health care stories, we gave Tennesseans the tools to stand up for an America of compassion and justice. Our reward was to witness the dramatic impact their voices made.

The safety net remains under attack, and the year ahead promises to be another doozy. Please give today. Together, we’ll make Tennesseans’ demands for justice too loud to ignore!





Keila Franks

Field Director

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