TJC Story Blog

Dec 2020

Irvin Family

Our daughter, Sadie, was born 4 ½ weeks early and weighed 4lbs. 14 oz. Shortly after birth, doctors detected a heart murmur, a mild case of hydrocephalus, Down Syndrome, and a possible thyroid issue. Our family was experiencing unimaginable stress.

A couple of weeks later, Sadie had to return to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to check her thyroid levels. While at the hospital, Sadie contracted Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Initially, the doctors thought Sadie had a cold. We returned home. Sadie’s “cold” symptoms rapidly deteriorated. We frantically drove her to Children’s Hospital in Knoxville. Doctors, nurses, and specialists worked day and night to help Sadie breathe, eat, and recover.

They showed Sadie and our family so much love and attention. As horrible as the experience was with Sadie’s life threatening illness, this hospital carried ALL of us through it.

We are so grateful. We are so very thankful our family had coverage through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. It has been a long continuing journey. Sadie is thriving, growing, learning, and becoming more beautiful with each new day. We thank God daily. There are so many stories like ours, some better. And some worse. Watching other children and families that were in PICU was an extremely eye opening, and in some cases, very heart-breaking experience. Not all stories have a happy ending like ours. I don’t know what we would do without our wonderful Children’s hospitals. The hospital medical staff all need our support to continue to provide for our children. Children are our future!!

Be Blessed, Jeff, Kristie and Sadie Irvin