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Mika Moser

As the Chief Operating Officer for Tennessee Justice Center, a nonprofit public interest law firm and advocacy center serving families throughout the state, Mika’s primary focus is to ensure that the internal operations align with the strategic goals and mission of the organization. Prior to joining the organization, she served as a TJC board member and development committee co-chair for over four years.

During her ten-year tenure at Bank Director, an educational resource for financial leaders across the country, Mika was instrumental in developing and overseeing the strategic direction of the business. As the President, she was responsible for the development of Bank Director’s editorial and research products, enterprise technology solutions and data resources. As a member of the board and the executive team, she focused on strategic planning, fostering key partnerships, and spearheading new product offerings for the organization. She regularly shared her professional insights by speaking, moderating discussions and commentating on key issues including diversity and inclusion, financial technology, growth opportunities and talent development.

With a dual background in marketing and technology, Mika’s 20-plus years’ of professional experience includes business intelligence, organizational development, client relations, data management and project management for companies such as Bytes of Knowledge, Board Member Inc. and Private Business Inc.

Mika was born and raised in Tennessee and has called it home for over 20 years. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Mika Moser
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