Hall of Fame

Twenty years ago, Congress laid siege to the American ideal of equal justice under law by severely restricting the activities and funding of Legal Services programs across the country. Our honorees responded to this assault on justice quickly and decisively. They came from across the state and different political persuasions, but those differences counted for little because of their shared commitment to the American values of fairness, equality and the rule of law.

From their collective generosity, the Tennessee Justice Center was born. Bar leaders volunteered to incorporate the Center and serve on its board. At a time when their very survival was threatened, Legal Aid organizations took the extraordinary step of giving up part of their own funding to help the Center, beginning what has become a vibrant twenty-year collaboration in meeting the legal needs of vulnerable Tennesseans. The Tennessee Bar Foundation provided critical seed funding. The rest is history.

On November 12, 2015, TJC celebrated our 20 year anniversary by honoring the 9 visionary leaders who made it all happen: Margaret Behm, Mike Cody, Harlan Dodson, Harris Gilbert, Riney Green, David Herbert, Lowry Kline, Howard Vogel and Ashley Wiltshire.

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Click the ’20’ above to watch videos of clients sharing stories, stories that would not have been possible without the legacy and dedication of our 9 honorees.

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Honoree Grid

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Host Committee

Abby Rubenfeld and Helia S. Rethmann

Al Ganier

Alex MacKay

Alistair Newbern

Allan and Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur

Amy P and Frank M Garrison, Jr

Amy Seigenthaler and Tim Pierce

Anne and Robert Brandt

Anne Martin

Beth & Richard Courtney

Bill Freeman

Bill King

Bill Ramsay

Bob Mendes

Bob Thompson

Bill and Patty Harbison

Brad Morgan

Byron Trauger

Carl Q. Carter, Esquire

Carol Westlake and Jody Bailey

Carrie McCutcheon

Charles Bone, Sr.

Charles H. Warfield, Sr.

Chris and Kristen Anderson

Crissy Wieck Welhoelter

Dan Cornfield and Hedy Weinberg

David Cañas

David Esquivel

David Garrison

David Taylor

Diane and Jeff Blum

Dr. James Powers

Dr. Joshua Williams

Dr. Morgan Wills

Dr. Robert Miller

Ed Lanquist

Emily Ogden

Gail Vaughn Ashworth

Gerard Stranch

Gordon Bonnyman

Gregory Ramos

Honorable Andy Shookhoff

Honorable Janice M. Holder

Honorable Marietta Shipley and David Mcmillan

Honorable Patsy Cottrell

Honorable Walter C. Kurtz

Iris W. Buhl

Jacqueline B. Dixon

Jacqueline B. Shrago

James F. Sanders

Jeanne and Steve Thomas

Jef Fiebelman

Jeff Gibson

Jeff Smith

Jeff and Tyler Yarbro

Jerry Taylor

Jim Cheek

Jim and Amy McIntrye

Joan B. Shayne

John and Joy Day

John and Mary Green

John & Christina Norris

John M. Sloop and Bonnie J. Dow

John and Sandee Tishler

Judy Johnson

Karen and Larry Ahern

Karen Neal and John Berggren

Karen Springer

Kathryn Barnett and Will Cheek, III

Kay Caudle

Kenneth Byrd

Lisa Ramsay Cole

Lisa Wyatt

Marc Jenkins

Maria Salas

Mark P. Chalos

Marlene Eskind Moses

Marvin R. Berry Jr.

Mary Crossman

Mary and Naill Falls

Matt and Christine Pulle

Matt and Judy Sweeney

Matthew Wiltshire

Mike Abelow

Mike and Rita Kaplan

Monica Mackie

Nancy MacLean

Nola Wyatt

Ophelia and Hon. George Paine

Peter Sales

Rebecca McKelvey Castañeda

Rita Geier

Robert T. Joseph

Ronette Adams

Robb Bigelow

Roy Herron

Russ Overby

Samar Ali

Saul and Joan Solomon

Sarah Henry Akin

Scott Tift

Stewart and Louise Clifton

Terry Vo

Tracy Kane

Trey Harwell

Vic Alexander

Vickie Reznik