"Affordable, adequate care is vital to the patients we represent. This legislation fails to provide Americans with what they need to maintain their health"


"Older Americans care deeply about access to and affordability of health care. They need and deserve affordable premiums, lower out-of-pocket costs, and coverage they can count on as they age.

On behalf of our nearly 38 million members in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, AARP is urging the Senate to reject the Graham/Cassidy/Heller/Johnson bill because it would do precisely the opposite."

Full letter to Senators here

American Academy of Family Physicians

"Health care is too important to get wrong. Let’s take the time to get it right. Let’s agree to find real, bipartisan solutions that make health care work for every American."

From joint statement released 9/23

American Academy of Pediatricians

"The American Academy of Pediatrics urges the Senate to oppose the Graham-Cassidy proposal, and instead turn to bipartisan solutions that are crafted in the best interest of children and families, like the Children's Health Insurance Program and Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting program, which both expire next week. Pediatricians will continue to focus on the children we care for as this process unfolds, and we will not stop speaking up on their behalf until we see legislation that puts them first."

Full letter here

American Public Health Association

“Graham-Cassidy would do untold damage to the nation’s health, unraveling the progress we’ve made to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare, reorient our healthcare system to value prevention and equity, and invest in a healthier future for all Americans."

Joint Statement found here

ALS Association

" harms access to healthcare for people living with ! Urge Congress to vote NO and !"

Link to ALSA Twitter Feed here

America's Health Insurance Plans


"The Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson proposal fails to meet these guiding principles, and would have real consequences on consumers and patients by further destabilizing the individual market; cutting Medicaid; pulling back on protections for pre-existing conditions; not ending taxes on health insurance premiums and benefits; and potentially allowing government-controlled, single payer health care to grow."

Link to full Senate Letter here



American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

"Accordingly, we are urging senators to oppose the legislation because it completely fails to protect cancer patients and millions of other Americans who would lose their coverage and access to affordable health care."

Full letter here

American Diabetes Association

"We’re joining 15 other organizations to ask every US Senator to vote NO on . Bill would end pre-ex protections ."

Link to ALSA Twitter Feed here

America’s Essential Hospitals

"It appears to significantly restrict federal health care funding through per-capita caps and block grants, which would shift costs to states, patients, providers, and taxpayers. Further, by taking an approach so close to that of the earlier House and Senate plans, it’s reasonable to conclude it would have a similar result: millions of Americans losing coverage."

Full statement

American Heart Association

"Tell your lawmakers that patients deserve more. "

“Affordable, adequate care is vital to the patients we represent. This legislation fails to provide Americans with what they need to maintain their health. In fact, much of the proposal just repackages the problematic provisions of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which we opposed. Fortunately, the BCRA was voted down by Congress earlier this year.”

Vox article "What every major health group has said about Graham-Cassidy"

American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living

“There is no question that this bill will undermine care for vulnerable seniors and individuals with disabilities who rely on Medicaid for their daily long term care. Most of the one million people who reside in nursing centers rely on Medicaid, as well as tens of thousands of seniors in America’s assisted living communities."

Full statement here

American Hospital Association

This proposal would erode key protections for patients and consumers and does nothing to stabilize the insurance market now or in the long term. In addition, the block grant to provide support for the expansion population expires in 2026, thereby eliminating coverage for millions of Americans.

Link to letter here

American Lung Association

"Our ask is simple: quality, affordable for all Americans. Call your Senators today. "

Link to ALA Twitter Feed here

American Medical Association

“Similar to proposals that were considered in the Senate in July, we believe the Graham-Cassidy Amendment would result in millions of Americans losing their health insurance coverage, destabilize health insurance markets, and decrease access to affordable coverage and care.”

-AMA CEO and Executive Vice President James L. Madara, M.D

American Muslim Health Professionals

"Similar to the previous proposals that were defeated earlier this year in the Senate, the Graham-Cassidy proposal, would cut health coverage and out-of-pocket expenses for millions. Most importantly, it will significantly undermine health care for the most vulnerable members of our community - the very individuals, families and children we take a responsibility for and care so deeply about serving. Therefore, we call on you to oppose this bill when it comes to a vote."

American Nurses Association

"This proposal limits care for those that need it most and fuels greater uncertainty in the insurance market. It poses a serious threat to patients' care, especially those that need coverage for illnesses or pre-existing conditions. Patients deserve better and we won't rest until they get it."

-ANA President Pamela F. Cipriano, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Arthritis Foundation

"... this bill would have a disproportionately negative impact on older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions. While the bill does maintain some protections, such as allowing children to remain on their parent’s insurance until age 26, it rolls back important essential health benefit protections, and potentially opens the door to eliminating annual out-of-pocket spending caps and the ban on lifetime caps on coverage, endangering access                                                                                                                               to critical care for millions of Americans."

FAQ provided by Arthritis Foundation

Association of American Medical Colleges

"Under this legislation, the number of uninsured patients nationwide will increase dramatically and important existing patient protections will be at risk. Importantly, the GCHJ proposal, which represents a complete overhaul of the health care system, should be fully and adequately examined by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) before any further action is taken."

Letter to Senate here

Blue Cross Blue Shield

“The bill contains provisions that would allow states to waive key consumer protections, as well as undermine safeguards for those with pre-existing medical conditions. The legislation reduces funding for many states significantly and would increase uncertainty in the marketplace, making coverage more expensive and jeopardizing Americans’ choice of health plans. Legislation must also ensure adequate funding for Medicaid to protect the most vulnerable.”

Link to Forbes article

Catholic Health Association of the United States

"In addition, funding cuts and structural changes to the traditional Medicaid program would inflict permanent and far-reaching damage on communities and lead to coverage losses for millions of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. Caps and block grants simply shift the cost burden onto local and state governments, individual beneficiaries and health providers. States will be unable to make up for the estimated $175 billion in Medicaid cuts over 10 years. "

Full letter here

Children's Hospital Association

"Their legislation would slash funding for Medicaid, the nation’s largest health care program for children, by one-third, reducing access and coverage for more than 30 million children in the program. Furthermore, the legislation weakens important consumer safeguards, and as a result, millions of children in working families would no longer be assured that their private insurance covers the most basic of services without annual and lifetime limits and regardless of any underlying medical condition."

Link to full statement

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

"This bill contains proposals we have seen in previous bills, and we already know they would be bad for people with CF - and some cases, go even further. Graham-Cassidy would allow states to get rid of certain pre-existing condition protections, open the door to annual and lifetime coverage caps and high risk pools, and make massive cuts to Medicaid."

Family Voices

"We’re joining 15 other organizations to ask every Senator to vote NO on . Bill would end pre-ex protections. "

Link to Twitter Feed here

Federation of American Hospitals

"... we are in total agreement that Americans deserve a stable healthcare market that provides access to high-quality care and affordable coverage for all. The Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill does not move us closer to that goal. The Senate should reject it."

From joint statement released 9/23


"@JDRF joins 15 organizations urging U.S. Senators to vote NO on ; bill would end pre-ex protections. "

Link to JDRF Twitter Feed here

More info. on JDRF

Lutheran Services in America

"The Graham-Cassidy amendment would deliver cuts and caps to federal health care spending that put millions of Americans—from middle class families to our most vulnerable citizens at risk."

Letter to the Senate here

March of Dimes

"Graham-Cassidy will wipe out key protections for women, moms & babies. Tell Congress NO."

From March of Dimes Twitter Feed

National Association of Medicaid Directors

"Any effort of this magnitude needs thorough discussion,examination and analysis, and should not be rushed through without proper deliberation."

Official statement from the Board of Directors.

National Bleeding Disorder Organizations

"As a result of its damaging impact, the National Hemophilia Foundation, Hemophilia Federation of America, Coalition for Hemophilia B, and Hemophilia Alliance – which represent people with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other bleeding disorders and the hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) that care for them – are united in their opposition to Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson and urge the Senate to reject this harmful proposal."

Link to letter

National Council for Behavioral Health

"This bill may go by a different name than previous efforts to reshape the health care system, but it maintains—and even worsens—the devastating provisions from those bills that led to a massive constituent outcry earlier this summer. It’s the same pig with different lipstick."

-Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health

Full Statement Here

National Health Council

"The patient advocacy community stands in strong opposition to Graham-Cassidy, as it will lead to unaffordable insurance for people with chronic conditions that will be inadequate to meet their healthcare needs. People with chronic conditions will pay more for less care. This is unacceptable."

Call to Action

National Kidney Foundation

"Despite promises that people with pre-existing conditions could still purchase insurance in the Marketplaces, this bill allows states to eliminate the essential health benefits currently provided under the Affordable Care Act, and permits insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions by not covering vital medications and treatments they need to manage their conditions. For kidney patients, this could include treatments such dialysis, transplantation, or medications."

Link to full statement

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"Ask your Senators to oppose the Graham-Cassidy Bill and instead, continue bipartisan efforts to improve access"

-National MS Society Twitter Feed

National Organization for Rare Diseases

"Simply put, ‘Graham-Cassidy’ includes most of the same problematic proposals from the AHCA and BCRA, in addition to several new provisions that jeopardize access to care for rare disease patients even further."

Full letter from NORD here

National Physicians Alliance

"As physicians who see patients every day, we understand what our patients go through firsthand and know that this legislation would devastate millions of people who rely on the access they gained through the Affordable Care Act including its expansion of Medicaid. We have a moral obligation to stand up for these patients and that is why we cannot support this bill."

Full Statement here

Prevention Institute

"Graham-Cassidy upends efforts to improve the nation’s health in the future by threatening to strip people of access to preventive care and zeroing out the Prevention and Public Health Fund. Over the next five years alone, states and communities stand to lose more than $3 billion in funding to prevent chronic disease, stop the spread of infectious diseases, and invest in resources that support health and equity."

Joint Statement found here

Public Health Institute

"Investing in public health makes the difference between health and illness, safety and injury, and life and death. The deep cuts this bill proposes – to Medicaid, to public health and prevention – would touch every community, especially those communities that are struggling most with longstanding inequities in health and safety."

Joint Statement found here

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

"Access to health care is a human right and it’s critical for ensuring our sexual and reproductive health. We will not sit back and allow policymakers to take life-saving care away from millions of people."

Full statement here

The Arc

“While this piece of legislation has a new title and makes new promises, it is more of the same threats to Medicaid and those who rely on it for a life in the community. The Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson proposal cuts and caps the Medicaid program. The loss of federal funding is a serious threat to people with disabilities and their families who rely on Medicaid for community based supports."

Full statement here

Trust for America’s Health

"Passing Graham-Cassidy is tantamount to legislative malpractice. The undersigned groups find this approach unacceptable and strongly urge Congress to work in a bipartisan manner  to improve the nation’s public health and healthcare systems.”

Statement from American Public Health Association, Prevention Institute, Public Health Institute, and Trust for America’s Health on Graham-Cassidy.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

"... we urge you to think of the harm that will be caused to poor and vulnerable people and amend the legislation while retaining its positive features. Without significant improvement, this bill does not meet the moral criteria for health care reform outlined in our previous letters, and must be changed."

Link to full letter

Volunteers of America

"We stand ready to work with both sides of the aisle to build long-lasting bipartisan solutions both now and in the future. "

From Twitter Feed


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