Write A Letter

Tennessee, and the country, is facing a health care crisis. If Congress votes to pass the any healthcare legislation that repeals or changes the ACA, financially restructures Medicaid, or cuts funding to programs such as CHIP, we will see many Americans lose their health care coverage, premiums will increase, and rural hospitals will suffer.

But we can make a difference. Senator Lamar Alexander is one of the most important voices in this conversation — which means we have some of the most important voices. Senator Alexander is the Chair of the Health Committee in DC and has been, on the record, saying that the ACA needs to be repaired and Medicaid funding should be cut.  He needs to hear from us. Now, and throughout the entire year. And that’s why we’re asking you to TAKE ACTION by writing a hand-written letter.


Over 3,000 letters have been sent to Senator Corker and Senator Alexander since January!

Letter Template

Dear Senator Alexander/Senator Corker,

My name is [      ], and I am a constituent from [     ]. I am writing to you because I am very concerned about legislation that will repeal or change the ACA, and cut funding to Medicaid.

First, please do not repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but fix its problems. Our entire health care system and millions of Americans will be worse off under any repeal of the ACAA that leaves millions without coverage. According the Congressional Budget Office, the Senate’s proposed “Better Care Reconciliation Act” would have resulted in 22 million people losing their coverage, as well as significantly higher deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for people who are able to get coverage.

Second,  please do not cut funding to Medicaid, and do not convert Medicaid into a per capita cap system. Senate’s last proposed healthcare legislation (BCRA) would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid, which would have devastated Tennessee’s budget and our rural healthcare infrastructure and cut services aimed at preventing child abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

[Tell a personal story here: Are you on TennCare? Do you or a loved one have a plan on the Marketplace? Are you an older American who will be subject to the age tax? Have you worked or volunteered for an organization that helped low-income children, people with disabilities, or older persons?]

We really need for politicians to make healthcare better, not undermine what we have. Please be responsible leaders by holding public hearings and considering expert testimony on any healthcare reform, and please vote NO on any proposed legislation if it cuts Medicaid, increases out-of-pocket costs, or leaves more Americans uninsured.




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