Take Action


Whether you have 5 minutes, 20 minutes or are looking to volunteer hours, there are actions you can take to make a difference to protect the health care safety net that hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans -- and millions of Americans -- depend on. Join our Sign-On Letters above and check out opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference! If you have any questions, please contact Aftyn Behn at abehn@tnjustice.org.

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5 Minutes?

Here's What You Can Do.


Join Our Email List.

Let us keep you up to date with the latest news coverage, policy changes, volunteer opportunities and talking points.


Make Some Calls.

You have two Senators and one Member of Congress who represent you. Call and tell them to quit sabotaging our healthcare. Download talking points about Medicaid/TennCare here.

  • Senator Alexander's Nashville office number : 615-736-5129
  • Senator Corker's Nashville office number: 615-279-8125
  • Call your Member of Congress at  1-866-426-2631 and enter your zip code.
  • Call your TN representative at 615-763-4773.


Email Your Representative.

Reach out to your representative via email and let him or her know that any type of cuts or changes to the ACA or Medicaid will hurt Tennesseans.


Share Our Social Media Content.

It's important to educate and mobilize as many people as possible about the upcoming threats to our healthcare safety net. Share our content on social media and help us spread the word.


Become a Monthly Donor.

This is the biggest threat that the Tennessee Justice Center has seen to our health care infrastructure in the 21 years that we've been working with low- and middle-income Tennesseans to secure their rights to care. We don't receive any government funding, so we can only do it because of you. Please consider becoming a monthly donor today, and help us continue this vital work.

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20 Minutes?

Here's What You Can Do.


Tell Your Story.

Stories are the most powerful tool we have in this fight. Your voice can change hearts and minds on both sides of the aisle. 


Write a Hand-Written Letter.

Hand-Written letters are more personal; and therefore, can have a greater impact and more likely to be read. Click the link above for talking points and sample letters that will help you get started! 


Write a Letter to the Editor.

The media is another powerful tool that we are using to fight this fight. However, we need your voice and your experiences. We are more than happy to assist you with materials, talking points, samples and drafts! Email Aftyn Behn at abehn@tnjustice.org.

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Want to be a Leader?

Here's What You Can Do.


Join TJC Staff in Phone Banking.

If you are interested in helping TJC staff make phone calls and gather stories please contact Jake Lorber at jlorber@tnjustice.org.


Host a Letter Writing Party.

Our U.S. Senators need to hear from us now. They are elected to serve us, so let’s make sure they know what we want. And there are few more powerful ways to tell your elected official your story than through a hand-written letter.


Set Up a Meeting with Your Representative.

Our state is at risk. We could lose billions of dollars in revenue. Our rural communities are struggling. Our hospitals need protection. Help us protect our healthcare by requesting a district meeting. Please contact Aftyn at abehn@tnjustice.org if you're interested!


Volunteer with TJC.

So much of TJC’s success has been because of volunteers who have donated their time and expertise to help us when we are in need. If you want to be a part of TJC’s work, we have opportunities for volunteers both in and out of the office.