Letter Writing Parties

Tennessee, and the country, is facing a health care crisis. If Congress passes the American Health Care Act and votes to repeal or change the ACA, financially restructure Medicaid, or cut funding to programs such as CHIP, we will see many Americans lose their health care coverage, premiums will increase, and rural hospitals will suffer.

But we can make a difference. Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Corker play crucial roles in the future of our country’s healthcare system. Senator Alexander is one of the most important voices in this conversation — which means we have some of the most important voices. Senator Alexander is the Chair of the Health Committee in DC and has been, on the record, saying that the ACA needs to be repaired and Medicaid funding should be cut. Senator Corker has pressed for Medicaid cuts in the past, and he continues to work closely with Senator Alexander.  They need to hear from us. Now, and throughout the entire year. And that’s why we’re asking you to TAKE ACTION by hosting a letter-writing party.

Throughout the year, TJC will host a virtual pep rally that explains the health care crisis, what’s at stake, and why Senator Alexander and Senator Corker are so important. Then, we’ll offer letter templates, and ask for folks to write a letter to Senator Alexander and Senator Corker. You may also want to write letters to your state representatives too.

We want you to join us for a conversation — but we also want you to bring your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to listen, and then take action by writing letters. Together, we can make sure that Senator Alexander and Senator Corker receive hundreds of letters from their constituents, asking them to do the right thing.

Why wait? Please contact Aftyn at abehn@tnjustice.org for more information!

If you sign up to host a virtual pep rally, TJC will:

    • Send you a packet of envelopes, stamps, paper, and template letters, as well as a paper copy of the toolkit and resources below!
    • Answer all of your questions!
    • Cheerlead you to take action!

TJC is appreciative of your time and efforts to protect Tennessee families! We’ll be there every step of the way as you learn, engage with one another, and contact your representatives.