Gauging Reactions

Oct. 11, 2019 | MELANIE KILGORE-HILL | Nashville Medical News

  • Tennessee Medical Association – “Federal rules and regulations on Medicaid programs tend to make some state do things that aren’t a good fit. What works here might not be the right fit for Massachusetts, so the uniqueness of markets and people served is something to be considered. We’re always wrestling with cost, access and coverage.”
  • Tennessee Hospital Association – “encouraged that the Medicaid block grant proposal for the TennCare program will not reduce benefits, remove individuals from the rolls and has the potential for shared savings…We’re intrigued and interested in shared savings, which has the opportunity to do different things…The potential for shared savings in recognition of TennCare’s historic fiscal responsibility also presents a great new opportunity for enhanced coverage for TennCare enrollees.”
  • Tennessee Justice Center – Executive Director Michele Johnson said the proposal is a dangerous, untested approach to a vital safety net program, and that it seeks to save money “on the backs of the poorest children and most frail seniors.”

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