Closing the Coverage Gap

Here in Tennessee, there are 280,000 people who have no access to health care coverage. They live in the “coverage gap,” which means they do not fit into a category for TennCare (our Medicaid program), and they do not make enough money to get financial help to buy insurance on the Marketplace through Obamacare.

Every day, our neighbors in the gap are suffering. But we have the opportunity to change that, without adding a dime to the state budget.

Our legislators have the opportunity to approve a plan that would make sure that low-income, working Tennesseans have access to health care, that would help our rural hospitals be in a more financially secure position, and that would create jobs for Tennesseans. And they can do all of this by using tax dollars that we are already paying into the system, without using an extra dime from the state budget.

Without a plan to close the health care gap, 280,000 of our neighbors will suffer without access to health care coverage. Hospitals across the state will be at risk of closing or cutting their services, which could result in as many as 20,000 job losses. And the federal tax dollars that we are already paying for a program to close the gap will be kept in DC.

Governor Haslam crafted “Insure Tennessee” to fix this problem. However, our state legislature has failed to pass his plan. A task force has now put together the Three Star Healthy Pilot to close the coverage gap in 2018.

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“Insure TN” is Governor Haslam’s plan to close the coverage gap. Whether the gap is closed by Governor Haslam’s plan, or by another plan put forward by legislators, the facts are the same: 280,000 Tennesseans are suffering without access to care, and our legislators have the opportunity to fix that problem. Watch this video to learn more.

What would closing the coverage gap mean for…

Our Neighbors

Over 280,000 Tennesseans have no access to health care coverage, even though more than half of them work. Learn more about people in the coverage gap in your community, the kind of jobs they hold, and what happens to their health when they are forced to go without coverage.

Our Economy

A plan to close the gap would bring $1.4 billion dollars to the state, would create 15,000 new jobs, and would keep our hospitals healthy. Learn more about how this would affect the economy, and how similar plans have affected the economy in other states.

Our Health Care System

Of all Tennesseans who were admitted to a hospital in 2013, 31% were admitted to a hospital at risk of cutting services or closing. Learn more about how a plan to close the gap is vital for the well-being our hospitals, how it will keep our rates down, and how it will protect the health of our communities.

News and Updates about Closing the Coverage Gap

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