How do I get a safety determination?

Getting a safety determination can be hard. Please call Tennessee Justice Center for free help at 877-608-1009. Here are some general tips for getting a safety determination:It is best to ask for a Safety Determination any time you do a PAE. This way TennCare is more likely to get the best picture of what your needs

What is a safety determination?

A safety determination (sometimes called a “safety” for short) is a test that can be done with a PAE to give a better picture of the care you need. If you didn’t score a 9 on the PAE, and/or you need a higher level of care that you were approved for, you may be able

What if I have a problem with ECF CHOICES?

Tennessee Justice Center helps some people with ECF CHOICES issues. Call our office at 877-608-1009. Even if we cannot represent you in the hearing, we can help talk through the situation, take a look at documents, and see what options you have. If your application was denied or you are experiencing service issues, an appeal may

What if I am denied CHOICES or ECF CHOICES?

Call the Tennessee Justice Center for free help at 1-877-608-1009. TennCare should send a letter that says you can’t get CHOICES. The letter should tell you how to appeal. An appeal tells the State that you think they made a mistake. The State will look at your case again when you appeal. Sometimes, this fixes your