ECF CHOICES aims to serve the following people:

  • Individuals with emergent needs or multiple complex health conditions
  • Individuals who are employed, seeking employment or desired to be employed
    Individuals with aging caregivers 75 years or older

If an individual is determined by TennCare to be in one of these priority categories, they must also meet a certain level of care criteria to be eligible for services. An individual must either meet nursing facility level of care or be at-risk of needing nursing facility level of care. An individual must also be evaluated based on an ICAP (Inventory for Client and Agency Planning). The level of care criteria is

  • Meet nursing facility level of care
  • Be “at risk” of nursing facility treatment
  • Intellectual disability: limitations in 2 or more adaptive skill areas
  • Developmental disability: substantial functional limitations in 3 or more major life activities

If an individual meets this level of care, they must also be financially eligible for ECF CHOICES. Their income must be below $2,250 and they must have resources valued at less than $2,000. Note:  The parents’ income counts for an applicant only if the child’s level of need is determined to be “at-risk” and not at nursing facility level of care.

Tennessee Justice Center will provide free assistance with ECF CHOICES. Call us at 1-877-608-1009.