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The American Rescue Plan has reopened the conversation about Medicaid expansion in Tennessee by offering new monetary incentives to states who expand coverage now. With two other holdout states (Wyoming and Alabama) already making moves to adopt expansion under this new provision, Tennessee is quickly becoming part of a dwindling group of holdout states.

New hope arose when Tennessee’s Lt. Gov. McNally announced that he is reconsidering Medicaid expansion now that Biden has sweetened the deal–despite being a long-time opponent to the bill. We need other state leaders to follow his lead and reconsider their support for Medicaid expansion!

Here’s what expansion would mean for Tennessee:

  • Medicaid expansion has been linked to reducing racial disparities in both health outcomes and health coverage
  • Extension of coverage for new moms
  • More money for rural hospitals and our state’s overall healthcare infrastructure
  • Health insurance for more than 300,000 Tennesseans
  • An estimated $900M in additional state revenue to help overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Use this tool to contact your State Senator and Gov Lee about Medicaid Expansion for Tennessee.