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A Celebration of Making Tennessee a Better Home for All

Every year, the Tennessee Justice Center takes the time to recognize the greatest champions of whole communities in our state as members of our Hall of Fame. These fearless fighters embody a commitment to the same mission that TJC has believed since 1996: that all our neighbors deserve the opportunity to thrive and that our laws, policies, and programs should be protected and improved to reflect these shared beliefs.

Bowing to the march of the delta variant and putting safety first, TJC has reluctantly decided to take our 25th year celebration virtual. If you have already bought tickets, we understand if you want a refund. Just let us know and we will handle it promptly. And if you decide instead to attend the virtual event, the full amount of the purchase price qualifies as a charitable contribution. The show will go on, and we extend everyone a warm welcome to the one-hour virtual event. Our enthusiasm easily outmatches our Zoom Fatigue, as we look forward to sharing the inspiring voices of clients, friends and supporters who lift us up every day, and that will lift you. We hope you can join us virtually on October 23rd from 7 to 8 pm CT.

At our event, TJC will celebrate our 25-year anniversary by honoring visionary leaders who have seen us through these years and remain some of the greatest champions of health equity and access in our state: Marvin Berry; Jr., Judge Richard Dinkins; Frank and Amy Garrison; and Dr. Robert Miller. Join us in celebrating these righteous beacons of hope and change, all while helping us in achieving our ultimate goal of dignity and opportunity for all.

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