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 Their generosity and compassion allow us the opportunity to fight for the perseverance of dignity, independence, equality, life, and justice for vulnerable Tennesseans. 

The Iris Society was created to honor donors who contribute $1,000 or more within a calendar year. Like Irises, we are known for our resilience. We are faced with insurmountable obstacles every day. And yet, we continue to fight an increasingly difficult battle for Tennesseans. We could not do so without our supporters.

Join the Growing List!

Alex MacKay & Eric Lease

Alexander & Jean Bonnyman

Amy & Frank Garrison

Anne & Robert Brandt

Bill & Janet Warfield

Bill & Pam West

Bill Harbison

Bob & Mary Battle Thompson

Bob & Susan Tuke

Brenda & Colin Reed

Conn & Betty McConnell

Crissy Wieck Welhoelter

Charles & Sally Womack

Dale Farran

Dave Ettinger & Kitty Calhoon

David Super

Dr. Ada D. Hayes

Drs. Buntwal N. & Sumedha N. Somayaji

Dr. Buzz Sienknecht & Sharon Bandy

Drs. Bob & Bonnie Miller

Don Enright

Ed Lanquist

Edgar & Kathi Allen

Elizabeth & Tom Surface

Frank & Melissa Bloch

Gordon & Claudia Bonnyman

Gudger & Mary Nichols

Harris Gilbert

Hon. Janice Holder

Hon. Walter Kurtz

Iris W. Buhl

Jacqueline B. Dixon & Mitchell H. Scott

Jacqueline Shrago

Jan & Jim Ramsey

Jan Liff

Jane Beasley

Judy Johnson

Julie & Heath Jones

Karen & Larry Ahern

Kathryn Beasley & Christopher Farrell

Katie & Kevin Crumbo

Ken & Lynn Melkus

Kristin Keeley Dinger & Jason Dinger


Luvell Glanton

Margot Atkinson

Mark & Nan Gaylord

Marshall & Michelle Eakin

Martin & Mary Liz Burns

Mary Bell Crossman

Mary & Naill Falls

Matt & Beth Deeb

Matt & Judy Sweeney

Michael & Barbara Johnson

Michael Engle & Pam Auble

Mika Moser

Miriam McFadden

Nancy Fraas MacLean

Neil & Maureen McBride

Patricia Meadows

Ray & Phyllis Sells

Rebecca McKelvey Castañeda &

David Castañeda

Regina & James Derzon

Rev. Anne B. Bonnyman

Richard Eskind

Richard Wirtz

Riney & Lynn Green

Rita Geier

Rob & Michelle Watkins

Robin & Bill King

Roy B. & Nancy Miller Herron

Samuel & Mary Ann Lipshie

Sarah Beasley & Jason Morris 

Scott & Donna Preston

Sharon Hels

Shaun M. Bennett

Steve & Jeanne Thomas

Sumter Camp & Sherri Knott

Susan & Ashley Wiltshire

Victor S. Johnson III

Wallace & Lee Dietz

William H. Freeman

William Self