We helped Darius stay on TennCare. We can help you, too!

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DariusA technical mix-up almost cost a child his life. Eleven-year-old Darius was diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors scheduled urgent brain surgery. They were hopeful because the cancer had been caught early. But, a few days before Darius was to have his tumor taken out, TennCare told the family that he was going to be dropped. Without insurance, the hospital would not do the life-saving surgery.

Ms. Parker called TJC. We figured out that TennCare had miscalculated the family’s income. Darius should have been able to get TennCare. TJC pointed out the mistakes to DHS and TennCare. The problem was straightened out, and Darius got his surgery. But, when he needed therapy, TennCare once again said his insurance had been canceled. TJC helped the family untangle the paperwork errors again. Darius was put back on TennCare.

Now, Darius is recovering and his outcome looks good. Ms. Parker said, “With the Tennessee Justice Center’s help, I was able to get Darius’s TennCare reinstated. Now, Darius can get the treatment he needs to live a long, healthy life.”