TJC Story Blog

July 2021

Damon Fair

Damon Fair has lived in Knoxville, Tennessee, for most of his life. He is a type 1 diabetic and has end stage renal disease with hemodialysis. Due to his health complications, stable healthcare is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it caused a great deal of pain and suffering when Mr. Fair’s QMB, a Medicare Savings Program, was wrongfully terminated in March 2020. After the termination, Social Security began taking Damon’s Medicare Part B premiums out of his Social Security Disability Check. From March to August 2020, they took a total of $720 from his check. The termination also left Mr. Fair with $2,540 in unpaid medical bills. Mr. Fair must eat a special diet, and paying for the groceries and his other personal needs was difficult with his only source of income being reduced.

From March to August, he and his mom, Angie Fair, made multiple calls to TennCare and sent in all the requested information to TennCare. Despite this, coverage was not reinstated, and the representatives gave conflicting information. One said they could fix the issue over the phone, and another told him he had to reapply. His coverage was not reinstated until August, but they backdated the QMB to April 2020. TJC helped him get reimbursed the Medicare premiums and to get the medical bills covered by TennCare.

Mr. Fair says so many people are not getting the help they deserve and are entitled. TennCare makes it so confusing, and people don’t know what to do with some of the information. He and his mom did everything they thought they could until an attorney referred him to TJC. Before TJC, he had talked to five different TennCare representatives who all gave them a different story. Mr. Fair says TJC was a blessing, and he can’t thank us enough for our assistance. With his QMB reinstated and back payments received, he can focus on more exciting things like firing up the grill or finding a good horror movie to enjoy.