Letter Writing Parties

Tennessee, and the country, is facing a health care crisis. If Congress votes to de-fund the ACA and delays coming up with a replacement plan until later, we will see people lose their health care coverage, premiums increase, and rural hospitals suffer.

But we can make a difference. Senator Lamar Alexander is one of the most important voices in this conversation — which means we have some of the most important voices. Senator Alexander is the Chair of the Health Committee in DC, and he has said both that we need to repeal immediately, and that we should wait until we have a replacement plan.

He needs to hear from us. Now, and during all of January. And that’s why we’re asking you to take action.

On every Thursday evening, TJC will host a webinar that explains the health care crisis, what’s at stake, and why Senator Alexander is so important. Then, we’ll offer letter templates, and ask for folks to write a letter to Senator Alexander.

We want you to watch the webinar — but we also want you to bring your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to watch it, and then take action. Write letters together, and then ask your friends to commit to hosting their own party the following week. Together, we can make sure that Senator Alexander gets hundreds of letters from his constituents, asking him to do the right thing.

Why wait? Sign up now to host a letter-writing party to engage your friends, and to make sure that our health care coverage is safe.

Sign up now!

Choose a Thursday that works for you, and commit to bringing at least 8 people to your home to watch the webinar together!

Can’t do it on a Thursday?

Not available to do it live on a Thursday? That’s okay! Every week, we’ll record our webinar, so you can watch it at any time. Click below to download the webinar, and then use the resources to the right.


If you sign up to host a webinar, TJC will:

  • Send you a packet of envelopes, stamps, paper, and template letters, as well as a paper copy of the toolkit and resources below.
  • Answer questions during the webinar.
  • Offer financial assistance to anyone who needs help providing snacks.

Your job is to bring your people together so that they can learn more information, and take action. If each party has two people who agree to host their own party, our numbers will double every week. That’s pretty amazing. So sign up to host a party, and check out the toolkit to get you started!