Tennessee Justice Center­
211 7th Ave. N, Ste. 100
Nashville TN 37219

TJC is at the corner of 7th Ave N and Charlotte Ave, with our door facing the Sheraton parking garage. The office is located just one block down 7th from the Nashville Public Library.


Parking options include metered parking just outside, and we do have limited access to the parking garage at our previous address, 301 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37201. Some other options include:

Central Parking lots: 145 7th Ave N (Lot 186), Nashville, TN 37203; 701 Church Street (Lot 187), Nashville, TN 37203

Parking in the downtown public library: 3 dollars an hour, after 5pm $8 for up to 12 hours.
Commerce lot :
152 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, $5 an hour

Tennessee Lot: 123 7th Ave N Nashville, TN $12 for up to two hours

We are exploring other options. Some general downtown parking options are here.