TJC Mothers of the Year

Photo by Mark MosrieWorking with families in times of crisis, TJC has witnessed the extraordinary love and courage of mothers. We have stood with parents who persistently advocate for not only their own children, but all children in need of health care.

Every Mother’s Day we honor the strength and determination of these advocates with the Tennessee Justice Center Mothers of the Year. Our staff recruits volunteer photographers, and then provides our honorees with framed “Mother of the Year” certificates and framed family photos.

“The responses from the women TJC honors have been overwhelming,” says Kate Crosby, a former paralegal at TJC.  “For many of our clients, this is first time in their lives that anyone told them that they are leaders, examples, heroes.”

To read about why we honor courageous moms, foster moms, and grandmothers around Mother’s Day each year, please read this story by our Executive Director, Michele Johnson.

We gain our strength from these mothers who don’t give up. We won’t give up either, and we need your help so that we can continue to fight alongside these moms.

Read stories about our Mothers of the Year below. We are honored to stand alongside these moms.

Our 2016 Mothers of the Year



In the summer of 2014, a medical emergency put the hard work of Frida and her family in jeopardy. Frida was admitted to the E.R. with severe pain, and underwent emergency gall bladder surgery.
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Meagan was a happy, healthy mom who worked hard to take care of her family. But in March 2015, Meagan fell mysteriously ill.
Floyd and Wanda Baker

Floyd and Wanda

Though their five children have grown up and moved away, the Bakers knew they would always be ready to step in if their children needed them.


When her daughter was diagnosed as legally blind at a young age, Shirley and her husband David knew they would need to work hard to be sure she could have the same opportunities as everyone else.
Robin Watkins and sister MeLynda


When Robin finally moved her sister, MeLynda, from Virginia to Tennessee, she thought the hardest part was over.


With the prospect of facing a lawyer, a doctor, and a judge to fight for the rights for her daughter, Lelia turned to TJC for support.


Laura was the happy mother of 3 daughters, Alyssa, Kelsey, and Adyson, when to her delight she found out she was pregnant with her first son.

2016 Community Moms

Every year, TJC honors our clients as Mothers of the Year. But we also ask for Community Mom nominations: we ask Tennesseans to send us stories of the incredible moms in their lives, who have been fierce advocates for their children. Stay tuned to meet our Community Moms for 2016!


Community Mom: Janie

Janie was a mom to three boys when she re-married to her husband Kelly in 2001. Unable to have more children, the new couple decided to start caring for foster children who needed homes.

Past Mothers of the Year

TJC has honored moms for years. Read Michele’s story about why we began Mothers of the Year, and read some of the stories from years past.

Mothers of the Year

Watch this video of Mothers throughout the years.