Covid Vaccine Update TN

Covid-19 Vaccine Updates Tennessee COVID-19 VACCINE APPOINTMENT INFORMATION We encourage everyone who is eligible to receive a free Covid-19 vaccine to set up an appointment to be vaccinated. Covid-19 vaccine updates from the state of Tennessee, including a step by step video about how

Equity Stance

TJC Equity Stance Tennessee Justice Center believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are intrinsically valuable and necessary to manifest our mission of justice for all. As a result, we recognize our need to actively embrace diversity, advance equity and promote inclusion across all areas of our organization and among every age, gender, ability,

TJC Statement on Events in DC Jan 6, 2020

TJC Statement on the Events in D.C. January 6, 2020 On Wednesday, we collectively witnessed a terrifying assault on the free and fair transfer of power. Seven of nine of our House Representatives stood up publicly, claiming to represent Tennessee, and voted against certifying the election. Our two Senators, Bill Hagerty and Marsha

Medical Debt

MEDICAL DEBT ASSISTANCE What is medical debt?  It is past due medical bills from diagnosing, treating or preventing an illness or a physical or mental disability.  The most common forms of medical debt come from: Doctors, surgeons, dentists, and other medical professionals (eye doctor, therapists, etc.) visits; Hospital visits, outpatient surgeries